CT PT Tester

Made with passion for technology

Current Transformer Testing, Calibration and Assessment

Range of measurements
  • Ratio and phase accuracy
  • Winding resistance
  • Excitation characteristics (knee points)
  • Composite error (ALF, ALFi, FS, FSi, Vb)
  • Burden impedance
  • Measure VT ratio

Key features

The CT and PT Analyzer is the revolutionary testing system for various CTs and PTs according to IEC and IEEE/ANSI standard. It allows to test the knee-point voltage up to 40kV CTs and PTs on-site in power grids or in manufacturers’ production facilities or test labs.


Voltage measurement accuracy as high as 0.05%
,Ratio measurement accuracy 0.05%
suitable for most calibration tasks


In low valtage signal test mothod means very small and lightweight (< 9 kg )
Easy to transport for on-site testing


CTP series CT PT tester meets most IEC and IEEE standard of various of current transoformer as well as Voltage transformer. for instance,Protective CT, measurement CT, TYP CT, GIS CT, bushing CT,PT etc.

The instrument is able to assasment the test of CT whose knee point voltage reachs as high as 30,000V and the primary current 10,000A. It is suitable for test of various CTs (include TP class, bushing-type CT, GIS CT, measurement CT, and etc.). Measurement accuracy is Up to 0.05% .


Instrument transformer testing,Power transformer testing,switchgear testing