Relay Protection Test system hardware

Relaystar-1600 the 6 phase universal relay protection test kit

protection relay test system RELAYSTAR 1600
Relay Protection Test System Six Phase version


Relay protection tester Features
1) 6-phase current(6×40A) + 6-phase voltage(6×150V) output
2) Embedded industrial PC and LCD screen
3) Operates with or without a PC
4) High performance amplifiers
5) Higher power output: 1x1000VA@240A
6) End to end test with in-built GPS
7) Excellent RELAYSTAR software for local and remote PC test


Current Generator(six phase relay protection tester version)

Setting Range

6-phase  ac(L-N)  6*0…30A

3-phase  ac(L-N)   3*0…60A

1-phase  ac(L-N) 1*0…180A

6-phase  dc(L-N)      6*0…10A

3-phase  dc(L-N) 3*0…20A

1-phase  dc(L-N) 1*0…60A


6-phase  ac       6*450VA/W

3-phase  ac       3*700VA/W

1-phase  ac       1*1000VA/W

6-phase  dc       6*180VA/W

3-phase  dc       3*320VA/W

1-phase  dc       1*780VA/W


AC   ±1mA(≤0.2A)

        ≤0.1% (0.2~40A)

DC   ±5mA(0.2~0.5A)

        ≤0.2% (0.5~20A)

Resolution  1mA

Voltage Generator(six phase relay protection tester version)

Setting Range

6-phase  ac(L-N)       6*0…120V

6-phase  ac(L-L)        0…240V

6-phase  dc(L-N)       6*0…160V

6-phase  dc(L-L)       0…320V


6-phase  ac(L-N)      6*70VA

6-phase  ac(L-L)      3*140VA

6-phase  dc(L-N)      6*80W

6-phase  dc(L-L)      3*160W


AC   ±2mV(0.2~2V),                            ≤0.1% (2~150V)

DC  ±10mV (0.5~5V)

      ≤0.2% (5~175V)


Binary Inputs(six phase relay protection tester version)



Input Characteristics

Idle Contact Or Potential-Free Contact

Threshold Characteristics

“0”:0~6V; “1”:12V~250V

Max. Measuring Time


Time Accuracy


Time Resolution


Binary outputs(six phase relay protection tester version)




Idle Contact

Break Capacity

250VAC/0.5A, 250VDC/0.2A



Range: 0~1200Hz


Resolution: 0.001Hz


Range: -360° ~+360°

Accuracy: 0.1°

Resolution: 0.01°


Superposition Order: 2~24 Times

Distortion: ≤0.5%



18kg(39.68 Lb)

Dimensions (W X H X D, Without Handle)

420×360×210mm(16.54×14.17×8.27 In)

Connection Port

2 USB2.0 Ports, 1 Ethernet Port

six phase relay protection tester

TFT LCD display, defaulted resolution: 800×600

The operating mode of tracking ball mouse is the same as the mouse of desktop computer. It can move the cursor up, down, left or right in Windows interface through moving the tracking ball by hand. There are two keys respectively located below the tracking ball, which function as left key and right key of the mouse. Please see the figure below:

ESC: stop test or cancel choice in the midway.

QUIT  Exit/close: close windows, exit tests or close Windows Operating System.

 NUM  Backup functional key, reserved for future use.

 Tab   Tab key: switch the state of ‘key trigger’ in the module of ‘State Series’.

 RUN  Start the test

 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  0  .  –  : Input numbers

Backspace key for deleting a number or a character left of the cursor position.

 ▲ ▼ ◄ ►   Move the cursor, down, left or right or increase or decrease data.

 ENTER  Enter key for confirmation

Power Supply Switch

it can be connected with external equipment like mouse, keyboard, flash disk, printer, etc..

it can be connected with outer PC to doing test

it can be switched to 110V or 220V, and can be used as on-the-spot testing power supply

Voltage output fuse 2Amps 

AC 220V/110V 50/60Hz Operational Power Supply socket


communication port with outside GPS device

Wind outlet of cool fan

device information

relay protection tester