Current Injection Test in a 220kV substation primery side

I made a primery injection test in a 220kV substation today. A remote controled tester kit took good performance today.

In this current injection test, I used a YD300(remote controler with current meter in-build) controled a current generator and a voltage generator.


Picture shows the method of my test today.

I inject current 300A and voltage 2200V to the primery side.Verified TAs and TVs by two readings, one is meter build in tester, the other is protection set reading panel.

this guy is helping me connecting voltage output of the device to the primery side of a TV. the terminal is tall, we need a manned lift.

this is a inbuilding substation by the way

Employees of the State Grid is chechking the reading in protection set display.Accuracy of the output is high enough in this test. Via current transformers and voltage transformers, the reading is much smaller than injected value.

HTA3300 ,HTV 6000 , YD300B are the current injection tester kit of primery injectional detection before power transmission in substation. 

HTA 3300 in charge of current output, it injects as high as 300 A current per phase

HTV6000 in charge of voltage output, it injects as high as 6000V Voltage.

YD300B is the remote controler. it send command to the HTA3300 and HTV6000 to adjust the outputs. mean while, it displays the secondary reading of the TA and TV.

current injection test result

6 bays was tested, finding A ct wiring error, and a CT radio error in setting value.